The Caribbean Coast of Colombia

When you realize a trip, one of the must things is to leave the most relaxing part close to the end of the trip and that’s exactly what the Caribbean coast of Colombia offered to us. We started from Cartagena with my future Insead classmate from Israel, Ron. The old town of Cartagena has one of the most beautiful colonial architecture in Colombia. It is surrounded by wall made from spanish to protect the town from the pirates during the old times and inside are the colorful small colonial houses. We had long walks inside the old city and also enjoyed the beautiful Caribbean beach playa blanca. Next we went to another beautiful beach city, Santa Marta which was our access point to the jungle/carribean park Tayrona. After crossing the jungle for a couple of hours we found cabo de san juan which has tropical beaches in front of the jungle and offers accommodation which of course is sleeping in hammocks. Next and final stop on the carribean coast was the desert of la guajira and specifically the town cabo de la vela. Although it’s a long way to get there (santa marta-4vias then a collectiva car for uribia and a jeep or truck to cabo de la vela total 6 hours) it’s definitely worth it. The desert in Colombia is extremely beautiful with exotic carribean beaches isolated, a perfect spot for watersports and the sunset there is really beautiful with the sun diving in the horizon of atlantic ocean. Although there are museums and other touristic attractions along the coast, the main attraction is relaxing, enjoying the beaches and getting lost inside the old colonial towns. Being now back in Bogota i’m ready to leave Colombia although it’s sad the time has come… We are now approaching the last part of this trip which will be 1 week in another unique carribean island, the famous for left back in time Cuba.

Caribbean Coast

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