One week in Peru

Back in Bogota a day after my return from Peru I am happy to review my 1 week trip there. I took my flight to Cusco, Peru which was the access point to Peru most worth to see attraction, the famous machupicchu! While i was checking around various agencies to book i met my travel buddy in Peru, Connor from Australia with whom we realized the trip to Machupicchu the next day. We had a bus ride from Cusco to a city relatively close to machupicchu and after around 7 hours ride and 3 hours walking through breathtaking sceneries in the Andes mountains we reached the city. Next morning at 5 we started our ascending to machupicchu which was literally inside the clouds and the magical background started appearing in glory as the clouds were getting lifted as the sun was rising. My main question was why did Incas get in such trouble to shape a steep mountain and create their civilization there and the answer was that they believed this location to be the center of the world. After we completed the first mission of Machupicchu we focused on our second one to see the famous lake Titicaca, a lake in an altitude of 3810m which is the boarder between Peru and Bolivia. After a night bus ride we arrived at 5 in the morning to enjoy the full sunrise in the otherside of the lake. Freezingly cold until the sun comes out we bought some traditional panchos to keep us warm. From there we got a boat tour inside the lake which took us to the magnificent artificial islands made from reeds where the local indigenous were explaining their way of life. Next stop were the real islands inside the lake which apparently remind a lot greek aegean island scenery. Before we take our overnight bus back to Cusco we enjoyed the local market foods and fruits, all looking very fresh. Next day we took our flight back in Lima to enjoy the capital of Peru for a night. We stayed at Miraflores area, a live and beautiful area of Lima, full of restaurants with delicious food, nice bars, casinos and a beautiful pacific coast offering a great spot for surfing and observing the sunset inside the pacific. That was the place where I happened to turn 30 years old. Instead of candles we used a lighter and we ate a chocolate cake cake from a pastry and yes… was a great birthday celebration. Next morning was the flight for Bogota and next destination in Colombia is the Carrib coast this time, starting in Cartagena. After viewing the jungle and the mountains it’s time to see the coast where the spaniards used for trading back in Spain the gold from south america. More info for this in a while, for now enjoy our photos.

One week in Peru

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