Amazonas River

We left you at San Cipriano before a couple of weeks and I’m now back in Bogota planning for the next trip. Let’s see what happened in the meantime.

Firstly, I am now traveling solo since my USA travel buddy Cain continued his course to the South until San Agustin while I went to Cali and then to Bogota to catch my flight for the Amazon so until the next travel match I will be writing in first person.

Now about Cali.. Cali is a big city with few touristic attractions to see. What is special about Cali is the sensual atmosphere where every person there feels like dancing every day in every chance. I arrived in the afternoon and before even realizing it I found myself in a house salsa party trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to dance salsa. Next day I walked around the parks and continued until a very high heel where there is a statue of Jesus (Christo Rey) looking similar with the one in Rio de Janeiro. During my walk I met locals who offered to show me some more interesting parts of Cali where most locals hang out (plaza de artesanias and more). Next night I took the overnight bus back to Bogota to catch my flight for Leticia (Amazonas in Colombian side). In Bogota I had my first INSEAD pre-meeting with a future classmate with whom we had a couple of drinks.

Going to the Amazon region used to be one of my dreams since childhood and so I was really excited when I finally entered the plane. Before the plane landed I could see from the window the chaotic jungle area covering as much as my eyes could see, I surely didn’t wanted to get lost inside it. My first goal in the Amazon was to live a cultural interchange experience, preferably to live with a local indigenous community somewhere deep in the amazon with the most basic way of everyday life.

I arrived at Leticia, which is the tripple meeting point of 3 countries (Colombia, Peru and Brazil). First day I stayed there, at kilometer 11 (they name the places there after the km along the main road), in a jungle lodge named omshanty really nice and “jungly” where I lived in a maloca with small monkeys hanging around, just relaxing with the pure sounds of the jungle only and some regetton songs occasionally put by some indigenous neighbors. Next day I took a speed boat to Puerto Nariño, a small and quiet village more deep in the Amazon where one can see the pink dolphins more often. After asking various people, I got the advice that I could go and visit a local Ticuna community indigenous, in Lago Tarapoto. This is a community that live inside the Amazon with only the basics, without even electricity. I stayed with a family there for 5 days.

The daily program was to follow the family daily program. I usually woke up at 3.30 to 4 o’clock in the morning as the roosters were starting shouting at that time next to my head, next at around 7 we were going for fishing more deep inside the Amazon (with net & stick & spear), then eating what we catch, chill out, then cook some fariña, a possible excursion to see the pink dolphins. At around the time of sunset i was taking always the canoe inside the river to snap some photos of the magical sunset if the clouds were permitting so. Night time we were entering the jungle for cayman/crockodile safari and other species that you could spot easily at night. No puma or anacondas were encountered although we went really inside the jungle.

Except the roosters, hens and some dogs that were living together with us we had often visits from one parrot who could speak, usually saying hola, marcelo or imitating the barking of the dogs. Occasionally as the locals told me there were often visits from anacondas when the level of the river was higher, usually resulting in some chicken or dogs loses.

After 5 days living with the community with only the basics and with supermarket the nature of Amazonas I told them goodbye both in spanish and in their local ticuna dialect (kunama) and I took my way back to Leticia to catch my flight for back t Bogota.

Being now back to Bogota I am now preparing my next trip on Monday 25 April in Peru this time. Until our next update, you know… enjoy our photos.

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  • 23 April 2016 at 05:55

    Could not be better, excellent mike!

  • 28 April 2016 at 06:41

    Really amazimg, a dream came true…!

  • 2 May 2016 at 20:23

    Amazing pics in this section Mike .. What a journey you’ve made! That pic with you and the snake is really scary😰

  • 1 June 2016 at 04:15

    Muy lindas fotos ! Es fantástico todo lo que viviste !

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