The first stop – Miami & Bogota



Here I am, writing the first chapter of the trip. At the time that I am writing the story I have already finished my visit to Bogota and waiting at the airport for my flight to next destination in Colombia, the famous Medellin. Let’s see how I got here.

I left Greece on the 7th March heading to my intermediate stop, Miami.  Miami offers budget flights to many South America countries, including Colombia,  and it’s a great place to make a stop over. I stayed there for 2 days, exploring the place by bicycle and visited islands Key Biscane where my tire broke and I had to go all the way back by foot, then walked all around the Wynwood which is the area in Midtown where most of the buildings are decorated by graffities. Skipping the Miami beach part, due to exhaustion from the walk I went back home to have a rest in order to catch my early morning flight to Bogota.

Upon arrival at Bogota you get a good sense of South America. People are really friendly and buildings take you back to another era. Stayed at “exploro hostel” located in La Candeleria which is the old colonial historical center of the city of Bogota.

There are many things to see in the area. A very good start was the bike city tour by which you get a full image of Bogota both for the touristic part and the real Bogota where the average Colombians live. You get to visit the old historical part of la candeleria, the central & busy part of Bogota, pass from the local fruit and vegetables market and taste the local fruits. You also get to visit a coffee shop where the famous colombian coffee is produced. You can try the local colombian game “el tejo” where you try from a distance to throw a stone and hit some small triangles that include gunpowder. Sounds a little bit weird but it’s funny… and makes a lot of noise…

Bogota is a city where the graffiti and street art in general is part of the culture and is being sponsored by the mayor. Most of the graffities reflect the local population concerns. The drug cartel and unstable political situation in the past years have definately left scars in the souls of the locals and they try to reflect with the art.

Other than the bike tour, a must do is to get up to the monterase mountains where the altitude is 3170 meters (Bogota altitude is 2700 meters) and the height effects on the human start being obvious. You can relax there and enjoy the perfect view while you can have a tee made by local herbs. Bogota offers also plenty museums and the top ones are museo del oro and botero museum.

By leaving Bogota there is a bittersweet feeling of excitement for more adventure coming up and nostalgic for the people that I am going to miss.

I am going now to Medellin. Until our next touch enjoy our photos below…


The first stop – Miami & Bogota

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  • 13 March 2016 at 21:44

    Φοβερό Mike! Καλά χιλιόμετρα!!!

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    Καλά να περνάς!

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    Enas kai minadikoss!!! Mike have fun bro!!😎🔫

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    Πολύ ωραία χρώματα στους τοίχους! Have fun

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